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Sarah McCarrison Profile

A lifelong artist and an advocate for environmental protection. Sarah's work is biographical in nature. She is drawn to the natural world, landscape, skyscapes and urban scape. Sarah completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Otago School of Art in 1999. Over a span of 22 years Sarah travelled and worked overseas . In January 2022 she returned home to live in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Sarah has lived and regularly exhibits globally across New Zealand, Australia, China and Singapore.

"I use oil paint and convey my ideas using layers, and free brushstrokes. I use knives to scrape images back to a basic form. I attempt to express subtly what I have personally observed in different locations. These are furtive glimpses and the viewer can look through a window which reflects an unspoken life. I use objects as symbols within my works these also help to put the work into a certain context and help to connect it to a certain time and place. My artworks tie me to my home and to places or memories I love and cherish."

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