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Sarah McCarrison has exhibited widely since she first appeared in the art world in 2000. She has had shows and exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia, China and Singapore. Her work is part of collections worldwide and she has won numerous art awards.

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Beijing, China

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Urban Ambience


Nanjing, China
A city with a population of 7 million people. Industrially driven city 3 hours from Shanghai. Buildings are grey and pollution high. The sun in the afternoon glows orange through the dust and the haze. I have visited some ancient places in China. Yangshou, in the south is a place with irregular shaped mountainous hills. Jingdezhen, in the southeast is the porcelain capital of the world, blue and white Ming dynasty clay works are meticulously copied. Beijing, China’s Northern capital contains the Emperors Forbidden City encased within a giant moat. It took many months to consider what I wanted to reflect in my art works. This show reflects my encounters with a new land. I find myself looking at the beauty of objects and not of things. China is a place of extreme growth and the sky is filled with cranes, the metal scaffolds stand like skeletons.

Storm Approaching Roebourne Plain.jpg

Red Heaven


Newman, Western Australia

The red earth glowed and cracked, temperatures into the 40s. The Aboriginal people named this place ‘Death Valley’ because of its extreme nature. I lived on the edge of the largest open cut mine in the world- Mt Whaleback. It felt like living at the end of the earth, with a vastness of a land so utterly different from New Zealand. The mine had deeply scarred this land. My work reflected this place and I painted works using a new palette of colours, the layers of oil paint bled. These works express environmental concerns but also reflected the beauty of an ancient place.

Clouds copy.jpg

A Furtive Glance


Dunedin, New Zealand

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